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All That We Can Be


Shadows in the depths of our being are where our purest beauty resides. Finding your artistry can be a rigid journey but once you find yourself you’ll glow in your every move. Being an artist isn’t being anything more than you. Allowing inspirations to control the root of your being. Standing solid in your choices and believing deeply in the reasons why they were made, living for truth. That’s ultimately what makes up art, a moment of truth. Art grows from a moment foreseen by an artist. Anyone telling you they can make you an artist can be found a liar, for only you can make yourself an artist. Although they can lead you to a happening or understanding of that magical place within yourself, the only person capable of creating your art is you. Only you know how you feel. You will get discouraged. You will feel mistreated. You will lose touch with reality. Most importantly, you will get there if you trust yourself. A farmer never loses his harvest if he protects his crop. The same goes here, an artist never loses the art they’ve created. Once art leaves the soul of being, it lives on forever. Most never allow their soul to speak in fear of what others may think. WHY DO YOU CARE?! Plant a garden, water it, nurture it, and share the produce with all that you can. That’s what life is about isn’t it? Sharing with those you love? Let these be parting words… He, who is free of heart & soul, shall help paint the color gold, gold. Signs of a free man are the expressions he shares with others, open, raw, and true, are all he gives to you, an artist.

Photographer: Shane Kirby


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