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Visual depiction of the concept of human desire and its transformation into obsession through art and fashion. I was inspired by the concept of the ancient Greek philosophers, which states that the soul is divided into three parts - Intellect, Initiative and Desire. To achieve harmony and balance one is to be able to make the Intellect the ruling party of the other two aspects of human existence - if Desire takes over, however, it can become dangerous and turn itself into an obsession and addiction. The highest form of intellect according to the ancient Greeks is not just being able to know what's right and good for you, but to also be able to make yourself desire it.


Photo, Retoucher & Cr. Dir: Miriam Demir @miriamdemir

Model: Leonardo Matias @leonardomatias95

Stylist & Fashion: Liliya Krasteva @krystevalili

MUA: Julia Kolga @makeupart_byjulie


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