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Mrs. Fox by "internetboy"


Mrs. Fox was one of the fastest songs i’ve put together; I think it took about an hour to get the whole demo done with the vocals and instrumental. My creative process kinda started out messing around with the chord progression that plays throughout the whole song. I threw some simple clanky drums over it and started toying around on my friends microKorg that turned into that heavily panned

melody you hear throughout the tune. I already knew I wanted to make the song about this dope girl I haven’t seen all semester, so I put a few things in my notes app and started riffing on my

mic like I usually do. The lyrics probably took the longest to finally finish and once I got them down it was sounding cool but I still didn’t really ~love~ it. So I thew this secret plugin that a few underground producers know about to pitch the song up 432 cents and it was perfect!


Once the song was finished I shot a little video with Grandace (we tried to give it the feel of a 24/7 lo-fi hiphop radio lol). A day or two later I also had the honor of getting the cover shot by the light bender known as Annie Nolker. After the song dropped my phone started buzzing like crazy while I was in class because Anthony Fantano tweeted about the song and it’s been growing pretty steadily since then!

Artist: Internetboy

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