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Keep the light on


Keep_the_light_on is an exploration of my personal appreciation of the human form. The name stems from my love of contrast and the use of shadows and light to draw out certain aspects and features unique to everyone/every body. It's a shame that the nude body is sexualized the way it is, but if you look at it... its just as much a beautiful landscape like the next valley, mountain range, or anything you find out in the world. The reason for focusing on bodyscapes is because to me, its a more contained conceptual idea, bridging some elements of sensuality from boudoir but not as epic, philosophical or thought provoking like a lot of nude art. Essentially, at the end of the day I just want to lessen the stigma and taboo of nudity and also show people that no one is perfect. Every freckle, stretch mark, scar, roll, etc is a beautiful and a unique "texture" in the overall picture.

Photographer: Andre Scheidt


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