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Nostalgia: A feeling of sadness mixed with pleasure and affection when a person thinks of times considered happy in the past, also described as a feeling of longing for a past moment, situation or event.

Captivating empirical photos taken in the south of Italy explore a sensational break with this black and white tone used with a more conventional past that it's not swinging exactly, but has a distinctively experimental, exploratory and even improvisatory feel. The landscape is a gloomy, muddy mass of beach and city and dark landscapes, spewing smoke and tranquility. The idea was to boldly counteract the picturesque view of sunny and happy Italy.

As with all travel editorials I shot in the past, part of the pleasure is in wondering what the truth actually is. I really want to find in these pictures that mythologised happiness and that messy calm that was shown with my friends. And some of the poignancy is in discovering that the photos don't work like that and neither does life.



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