Bringing two worlds that have never crossed paths before into a work of harmonic art. 20 rolls of film will lead the narrative for 40 different stories. The idea comes from artists Dandy DeNiro and Zachariah Hagy. Being still in quarantine and hungry for creativity and connection "Exposed Harmony" was born.
how it works
Each artist will either receive a roll of film for their own camera or a film camera with film in it. Both parties will shoot the roll of the film not knowing who the other is until the magazine is published. This is a great way to meet and connect with someone whom you may have never connected with otherwise.
There is a 3 day period from when you receive the film/camera to when you have to ship back the film/camera. You will receive your images at the time of publication to use for social, print, etc. 
Big thanks to our friends at Express Photo for helping us out with the development and processing! If you have film that needs to be developed and scanned they are incredibly affordable and take shipments!


i need camera

i have a camera

  1. You will be shipped a camera with film in it
  2. Shoot the roll of film on a style option
  3. Stick the return label over the original label and seal the package.
  4. Drop off the package at USPS
  1. You will be shipped a roll of film
  2. Shoot the roll of film on a style option
  3. Stick the return label over the original label and seal the package.
  4. Drop off the package at USPS

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No product

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Thank you to all the artists who make this possible.



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