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After Party


The session was inspired by an old factory. I wanted to create photos that would reflect the specific nature of this place. A bit of a neglected, abandoned place with a rich history. Once a huge sewing room, now space rented to various artists from various fields. During the day, small sewing rooms, painting studios, at night a place where you can hear various musical instruments. In the pictures, I wanted to show a bit of madness that comes out in this place in the evenings.

Photographer & stylist: Marta Piesiakowska @marta_piesiakowska

Model: Tosia Anderwald @tosiaanderwald

Model: Anastasiia Rabczuk @nastyarabchuk

MUA: Julia Kwiecińska

Desginers: pink and blue gloves & grey jacket: Małgorzata Repke @repke.m

light pink dress: Marta Kowalska @marta_kowalska_fashiondesign


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