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BLM fundraiser


Bre’ann White and Justin Milhouse, two incredibly talented black Detroiters, activists, and Eightfold resident photographers, have joined hands with us by donating their photographs to facilitate a fundraiser benefiting Detroit Justice Center to raise money for their work fighting for racial justice and equality. The purpose of this fundraiser is to provide an opportunity to activate our platform and community to show financial support to black artists, businesses, and advocacy groups. As well as provide allies with an opportunity to express their support through art and fashion and spark change-making conversation. 100% of the profits from your purchase will be donated to Detroit Justice Center, with the printing done by local, black, female-owned Mays Media.

Our belief in the expression of individuality is the force that fuels our ever-growing passion for showcasing Detroit art. To our black brothers and sisters, we hear you and we love you. As a brand, you can count on us to be on your side and fighting the fight for equality.

SD: Why did you take this image?

Bre'ann: After 18 year old Michael Brown was murdered by a police in Ferguson I was fed up. I had nothing to say after they tried to justify his killing–I felt like it was a slap in the face. That night I was in Philly, and I had a dream of a white hand smacking me in my face, and after I woke up, I took a flight back home and shot this image.

SD: What does being a black artist mean to you?

Bre'ann: My identity as a Black woman in today’s society pushes me forward in trying to increase my exposure and highlight my work. My work is empowering to myself and my subjects, and I want my audience to feel that same sense of empowerment and more.

SD: How do you find a narrative with your art?

Bre'ann: When it comes to my community, I want my work to reflect the many faces and stories of people who experience the highs and lows of urban life, the joy of being and supporting Black, and the inspiration from the lens of a woman photographer. By increasing the exposure of my work, I also want to raise the awareness of different perspectives and experiences of those around me. I am aiming to change the global narrative of Black women photographers as a whole and to shift the perception of my city from desolation to renewal.

SD: Any advice to young photographers?


SD: Make sure to follow Bre'ann and Sydney James new project, BLCKOUT WALLS is a week-long festival celebrating street art and graffiti that reflects and is curated by artists from the African diaspora. The goal for BLCKOUT WALLS is to represent and showcase the incredible street art of black artists.


SD: Why did you take this image?

Justin: The five books in the photo are five books that I have read over the years. These books are important for everyone to understand black history, black culture, black excellence, and the black struggle. These books are essential for raising awareness and sharpening the mind for all people.

SD: What does being a black artist mean to you?

Justin: For me being a black artist, for one, is following the footsteps of my grandad who was also an artist. I have the responsibility to tell our stories and capture our people.

SD: How do you find a narrative with your art?

Justin: The way I find narrative and meaning behind my photos starts with capturing a meaningful and authentic story. Working on a project where I am able to go in the community where I am able to capture people in their genuine moments is my favorite way to capture and create my art.

SD: Any advice to young photographers?

Justin: Go out and shoot and capture everything–your art should have no boundaries. Network, figure out what you like and don't like to shoot, attack every opportunity, and make sure everything you do is genuine

SD: Any last words?

Justin: Get familiar with whatever equipment you use and don’t let it intimidate you, but use it as an advantage to create anything and everything you want.

Taking 8x10 Prints and T-Shirts orders through June 19th.


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