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Cross Connection


Concept: The Shoot is conceptualized and inspired by Neo-Noir action thriller films

Full Team Credits:

Photo: Spandan + Paul @spandan.paul & @spandansspunkysights

Female Model: Kika + Perben @gravityfucker

Male Model: Bastiaan + Reijnen @bastiaanreijnen

Fashion/Wardrobe Credits:

Upcycled Crop Top & Jacket : Spandan Paul

Instagram: @spandan.paul

Boots: Rombaut Boccaccio II

Instagram: @rombautofficial

Sunglasses: Vintage IDC LUNETTES, Exte, Claude Montana

Pants: Vintage

Panties: Vintage

Handbag: Vintage

Grey Choker: Spandan Paul

Shooting Location:

Arnhem, Netherlands


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