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Curated Frames and Films


I've been going out in late nights for a while and I've been noticing how people form and put a tint or a facade during the day to appeal to the person they're trynna be, rather than who they really are, and that kind of comes out in their nightlives. My work sort of reflects on that, I like shooting at night and low light conditions while also being able to play with aggressive and adjacent color schemes and contrasts to fit a narrative I want to tell, that's why my portraits are usually a bit wider, to leave the space for me to squeeze in a few details while also letting the audience come up with their own meanings of the frame. Sometimes my work will take on a much clearer and formal theme though. Like in this short film I made for a college portfolio, where I subject my audience to how Islamophobia is present in societies nowadays and how media portray it and set up double standards. Themes like these are present in some of my photography as well.



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