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We’re team from Kaliningrad and we would like to send your our fashion photoshoot. This story is about beauty of different details, which connect with each other at time of making the frame. We wanted to make different looks and light setups, but which could complement the next frame.

We hope you enjoy our small project.

Photography / Style: Zaitsev Leon @yourprettydirector

MUA / Hair: Polina Nemchik @polinamemchik

Model: Irina Vesna @springshooot

Clothes / Looks: @chipi_clo



1. Blazer - Dolce & Gabbana, shorts - Cavalli, boots - Dr. Martens Jadon Max

2. Brown Jacket - vintage, tights - golden lady

3. Dress - vintage, boots - ASOS

4. Black blazer - without name, Boots - ASOS

5. Naked body in cling film

Best regards,

Zaitsev Leon

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