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Dream dilation


These photographs tell the story of a personal trip to Detroit, Michigan, a depressed city in love with the color gray and ruinous perplexity. The city breaks off with modern aesthetics as it dreams of a deeper urban rehabilitation.

Eaten up with solitude and hopelessness, these photographs bless us with the unparalleled direction style that characterized the graphic poetry and cinematographic mastery of the image sensor's sensitivity to light.

There is a magical capacity for creating an atmospheric mood of realism. The intention is to show an intrinsic naturalness through surprisingly effective landscapes and emotions that transform people into wandering ghosts of reality in search of a meaningful existence. It is observed living in the dark, moving in slow motion through a terrible dream. A devastating experience in the middle of one of the largest lakes in the world.

Such is the severity in the terrible gloom and the uncompromising focus on an eternity of despair leavened as the dyspeptic moments of the photographs seem even lifeless.

Disillusionment and industrial decay, the trip takes place under a powerful and continuous huge cloud. Almost rain that reaches everywhere, it is rain in which there will be no singing.

An ugly town beautifully photographed is populated by people with rough, strong features which the cameras adore. Whatever the truth, the camera stays on it for a long time, the first of many lugubrious shots that facilitate the unending sense of an inexorable fate grinding onwards. There is a weird and hypnotic quality in this trip that induces a floating trance sensation like something to be found only in your dreams.

By capturing the movements of the soul, being able to represent the soul in these evocative photographs, I wanted to be able to hear dreams just like reality by combining some light effects and unexpected shapes that gradually reveal themselves in clear detail in various atmospheric scenes. Water is often an element of connection and from various earthly concerns, I wanted to summon a unique mystical experience.

The rise and fall of everything. The love and the concrete. The decadence of a love relationship compared to the degradation of an industrial city that transports us to a place that no longer feels temporary, but spiritual. Detroit.

Photographer: Albert Font Garcia

Models: Edoardo Cozzani, Martina Keenan, Yon Medina

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