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Divine Virtue

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Ethereal Springs

challenging and magical. We chose to arrive on halloween day, in honor of the birthday of Hailey, - al, the last light layer of snow from a recent storm atmosphere. Everything about the day of the shoot seemed to fall perfectly into place. Kirstin, a model, along with a delicate lace sheet she brought, provid- ed the only props and additions to the fairytale like surroundings. Although the springs were public, water.

that digital does so it was very important that the In the upper, more shallow springs, posing was easier but getting a clear shot with the evaporating water, trees and higher sun created more camera empty pools, trained models, and steady shots resulted in whimsical photos that we were all proud of.”

photographer: Amber Zimmerman

models: Jules Payne, Hailey Wert, and Kristen Elizibeth



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