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Face off


The project is titled “Face Off”. The purpose was to explore abstract art as makeup. Makeup has been getting more and more creative, these images show that it can go beyond lipstick and mascara. To elaborate, we wanted to explore abstract art through makeup to challenge the view on what makeup is, to show that it can go beyond foundation lipstick and eyeshadow. It’s something that I’ve been noticing given everyone’s inability to really go places due to the pandemic. People are exploring and playing around with makeup in really cool ways, really thinking outside of the box so we decided to do the same. We wanted to take a more fine art approach. The mua went with different shapes and colors that pop on the model’s skin and the model styled their hair in a striking way that would compliment the makeup. The type of lighting I played with in the images I’ve attached mimics when you open a door to a room and the light peeks through, illuminating what’s on the other side. So it’s kind of symbolic. As if the door is opening to the possibilities of what makeup can be.

Brandy Taliafero (Model/Creative Director)

Lo Braden (photographer)

Morgan (Makeup)

Saint Greer (Stylist/Set Assistant)


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