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Girrrl, you are amazing


is a visual story about acceptance and self-confidence. The word "girrrl" refers to the name of the feminist punk movement GIRRRL RIOT, where the word "girl" refers to childhood, the time when girls have the most self-confidence and strongest self-esteem, which the movement was intended to motivate. Changing the spelling of the word to "girrrl" represented the anger expressed through the revolution;

Team credits:

starring Aleksandra Olbryt @alexolb photography Dorota Miko @dorottamiko & Tom Miko @tom_mikoo make up & hair Monika Gałecka @monikagaleckamakeup style Mateusz Jagodziński @mati.jago production FOLLOW THE RABBIT @followtherabbitpl wardrobe credits: Jan Król, Natalia Graczewska, Zara, Jagoda Staniszewska


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