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Going Up


InrG (born Gary Walls Jr) and hit-making counterpart VinoOnTheBeat (aka John Trevino) are back at it again, this time with their very first offering of the 2020 calendar year. This wildly talented artist-producer duo popped onto the scene with their record ‘I Know’ back in September of 2019 and have been clearly locked in putting some serious work in.

‘Going Up’ is the second product yielded from the duo’s collaborative efforts and continues the story of once starving artist leaning on music to escape the harsh reality we all experience to a state of hope as InrG finally tastes a sense that a significant come up may be right around the corner.

InrG is a 23 - year - old creative/songwriter currently based out of San Antonio, TX. He is a former lead writer for the HipHopApproved Magazine and is also an upcoming ghostwriter for local and established artists.

InrG is a rare musical find in all facets, especially during this age where a lot of other artists his age and/or younger have become laxed in their efforts to maintain and adhere to a higher standard of certain creative metrics. He is a natural-born writer (stemming from early beginnings in poetry and literature) as well as a profound creator of melodies. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Cudi, among many respected others, InrG has crafted a unique sound and persona and has curated quite an unorthodox method of telling his story - or ugly truth - to the world.

A vulnerable act indeed, InrG is complex in the sense of what, how, and who he creates and exchanges energy with but bares his scars onto the surface of every record, making

him extremely easy to understand and relate to.

Writing for other artists has opened doors for the young genius as he’s contributed content for artists like Carson Key, Kid Proto, HD, and even has a credit on WorldStar’s

YouTube channel (which includes a notable feature from Soulja Boy: Carson Key Ft. Soulja Boy ‘Food For Thought’ ).

Artist: InrG

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