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my new collection is called " lilith". Inspiration is drawn from the tale of lilith who was Adam (from adam and eve) 1st wife. Her story starts when she refused to lay beneath Adam during sex- she was created from the same earth dirt and particles as adam so she expected to be equal. Adam however wanted her to be more submissive and do what he wanted. He banished lilith from the garden of eden and made Eve. Lilith willingly goes off to claim her independence...

Outfit 👗 Skirt and Bead top designed and made by Kendra Lee @kendral333

Photo 📸 by Brandi Guzman @brandiguzmanphoto

Hair 💇🏼‍♀️ by Viking's Edge Hair Design @jmcouling

Makeup 💄 by ItsYemi Artistry @itsyemiartistry

Model 👠 by Taylor Leigh Ulrich @lady.tay_

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