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magic moments with marla


one Sunday morning, when the sun was rising, I went into the forest to take some pictures of nature and the animals and had no idea what was going to happen that day. after a while, I came to a lost place and met a young woman there who was called marla. like me, she followed the rays of the sun and wanted to gather new energy in nature. I asked her if I could take a picture of her. she smiled at me and agreed. after a few photos, she had already forgotten my cameras and just did her thing. it was magical. this unknown to me let me take a look into her private zone and shared this wonderful day with me. When it got evening, she packed her things and just said goodbye. I ran after and got her email address to send her the pictures because social media is not her cup of tea.

photographer: Stefan Tanz ( ig. stefan_tanz_pics )

model: Marla

location: Wolfsburg, germany

shot on film


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