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Miss Bumbum


Biomedical, lawyer, models and fitness muses make up the team of 27 candidates who will compete for the R$ 50,000 prize and the most beautiful butt titleholder in Brazil.

“The colors of the Brazilian flag used in the official bikinis serve to symbolize the support of the contest at the moment that Brazil is experiencing”, declares Cacau Oliver, creator of the contest.

On November 28, 2011, the first Miss Bumbum Brasil contest was born. The contest had 27 candidates, each representing a Brazilian state. In the first phase, by popular vote, it was defined who the 15 finalists were. In the final, those 15 fights for the preference of the judges who evaluate three requirements: “Aesthetics in the swimsuit parade”, “Aesthetics in the parade in gala attire” and “Graciousness during the entire participation in the event”.

Miss Bumbum is one of the most famous contests in Brazil and according to research in Google Analytics, it has millions of citations around the world. The contest has been featured in newspapers such as The New York Times, the international celebrity website TMZ and has had numerous quotes in tabloids such as THE SUN, The MIRROR, DAILY STAR, and many others. On television, it won its own Reality Show, in 2012, on Globo TV's Multishow channel. There were more than 34 documentaries in the world, including Japan.

In one of the most memorable editions of 2012, the biggest phenomenon of Miss Bumbum was born. Andressa Urach, who also participated in the first edition, took second place in the competition and won the hearts of the public and the media. Years later, she participated in the reality show “A Fazenda”, she became a TV show host and in 2021 she became a partner and poster girl for the contest.

In the following years the winners were Indianara Carvalho, representative of Santa Catarina (2014); Suzy Cortez, representative of the Federal District (2015); Erika Canela, representative of the state of Bahia (2016); Rosie Oliveira, representative of the state of Amazonas (2017) and Ellen Santana, representative of the state of Rondônia (2018).

The grand final of 2021 will take place in July, in an event in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Cr Dir & Pub Ed: @sejacapaderevista

Model: @braganca

Cr Dir: @cacauoliver

Prod: @missbumbumbrasil


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