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Los Angeles based Pop/RnB artist DYLN teams up with artist and creative director GREY for her latest visual offering for her newest, sultry pop single “Need Me” - A video shot on an iPhone during COVID-19 and created under the restrictions of quarantine and self-isolation. After first seeing GREY’s work in a LADYGUNN publication on social media in 2017, DYLN reached out on a whim expressing interest in collaboration. The two artists have since created a long, impressive body of visual work and creative content all throughout her releases since 2018, including 2 EPs, her debut album “Rings” and her most recent single “Need Me” - a sonically healing piece of work about self-care.

DYLN x GREY’s creative collaboration is inventive, unorthodox, and daring - A true gem to watch unfold. A perfect marriage between art and music. DYLN releases her new music video “Need Me” concurrently with GREY’s directorial debut on August 5th, 2020.

“Something about quarantine made us more creative. At first, we were just going to make a simple lyric video, then it turned into why don’t we just go out and film shit? Then it turned into us both getting knocked around by the waves in the Palisades, soaked, dirty and bruised after being dragged in the sand. The greatest part about collaborating with GREY is I never know where it’s going to go, but I always trust that wherever we land it’s going to be amazing. And the most fun is just getting there.” - DYLN

“This video started as a small idea and has now transformed into a fully realized music video. I’m very proud of the ideation behind this concept. It's exciting and fulfilling for me to be able to support DYLN’s music by creating visuals that enhance every experience/emotion that she is expressing in her honest lyrics. It’s always an honor to work with an artist as skilled, talented, and genuine as DYLN. She always trusts the vision and process. We continuously make show-stopping visuals, even when restricted by a global pandemic. ” - GREY

Los Angeles based songstress DYLN (pronounced “Dylan”) blurs the lines between pop, R&B, and electronic music. Her debut album “Rings,” is a collection of songs about being married, which she co-produced with her husband Frequency (Eminem, Rihanna).

Unafraid to bare true stories of her life, DYLN is known to get personal. The singer’s latest release

“Need Me” is a healing piece of work about self-care and personal boundaries, sonically inspired by Rhye’s “Open.”

Instagram: @iamdyln

Portrait Photographer: Shervin Lainez


Grey Coutts known as GREY is a Boston born experimental artist and Art Director, currently living and working in Los Angeles. With his unique style of abstract painting and wild use of intense colors, Grey has found himself a receptive home in the music industry and art world. GREY made his debut at Art Basel in 2019 and his directorial debut alongside recording artist DYLN in 2020 with her music video for “Need Me”. His shortlist of artists he has created images for include Jojo, Finneas, Zhavia, Lauren Jauregui, and Allie X. While he creates with a mission, his philosophy is to let go of all limitations and let the process unfold. To GREY, it’s about reaching deeper to find meaning not just in the finished product, but also the journey.

Instagram: @greycoutts

Portrait Photographer: Jacob Voelzke

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