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Detroit-based psychedelic R&B group, Cousin Mouth, is the brainchild of songwriter and producer Alex Burns. When naming the band, "Mouth" came from Burns being a singer foremost, and "Cousin" comes from the familial connection they access through music and the community that it builds. When Burns moved to Detroit, he started working with producer Lex (Donald Lee Roland II), who became the other half of the group for their 2018 debut album Medusa, released by Detroit label, Paramita Sound.

Cousin Mouth's sound is inspired by artists like James Blake, D'Angelo, and Todd Rundgren; moody and sultry R&B with some pop influence. For their live shows, Alex Burns structures the band's sound and performance very fluidly, almost show to show, sometimes adding or subtracting certain elements so that nothing is permanent. However, Cousin Mouth always performs with a drummer, bass player, and at least two backup vocalists. After the debut of Medusa, Cousin Mouth released a single and accompanying video for "Take Care of Me" and a live version and video for "Daughter: Live at High Bias."

Cousin Mouth is kicking off 2021 with the release of their upcoming album, MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer, on Feeder Loft Records. Their signature groove and beat-based style, mixed with a psychedelic-dreamy sound, formulate the unique aesthetic Cousin Mouth is known for. Follow Cousin Mouth on social media @CousinMouth.


Director: @zachhagy

Cinematographer: @jesselebarron

Production: @zazu_co


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