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Peony Flowered Poppies


The concept/idea behind this photo session was that there was no concept/idea, Natasha and I are familiar enough with each other that we know how to co-create together. I had shot a roll of film in my garden to use for double exposures for another shoot but last minute decided to re-shoot the roll with Natasha in an abandoned restaurant I found. I also took us to an abandoned house that had been damaged due to fire and used the peony poppies as a prop for some portraits. It always proves difficult for me to explain my process to someone, I feel I can't exactly get across the message of what I am trying to convey or that it may come off the wrong way..which is why I enjoy photography so much is that I don't need to talk so much and I can just let the photo speak for itself. I could just tell you about myself, but I don't think that's so interesting either. Life is weird in that way, most of what my brain tells me is a lie and most things I try to think my way through never ending up turning out the way I see them in my head. The insecurities of feeling like I am not communicating the right message most often than not prevents me from doing more than what I do be honest, I haven't been shooting as much as when I started photography but when I do shoot I try to make it count. All of this verbal vomit is just a means of trying to let you know who I am, but who am I but just an image of what you create in your head by reading these words..Film has been of a bit of a meditative process in some slowed me down, given me time to interact with the person i am working with and get to know them more. I develop and scan all my own film but thats all i try to do on my own, when it comes to the photos themselves I prefer a balance of both energies working simultaneously to create something genuinely authentic and natural and central to who I am photographing and myself.


Photographer: Matt Kelly


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