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Shapes and sizes


In my retired life I have found a great way to pass the time: I photograph. It has come to my attention that not many photographers are interested in those members in our society, that do not necessarily conform to the norms put upon us by advertising; I see beauty in everyone, so can everybody else. Sometimes you just have to look past the programmed and promoted sense of what is beautiful, and you will find beauty beyond belief. I have found this in these women. Their self confidence, their strength, and yes, their doubts and weaknesses as well. We all have them, not many of us are willing to bare them. So grateful to have had the opportunity to shot with these fabulous women,

Photo: @photo.kubitza

MUA: @jhennemakeup

Model: @scraidwolf

Model: @sparkles1.ismygirl

Model: @tiggac77

Model: @daniellenicol_

Model: @adaniamode

Model: @_luna.lynx

Model: @dionna_osborne1


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