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The Perennial Kooks...


The Perennial Kooks... Age is just a number... Beauty is timeless. There are no boundaries or limits to being who we want to be, only the internal chains that bind us within. Society wants us to be perfect, to hide the essence of time... We will not hide. We embrace the ravages of time. Every line, every mark, every shadow is a symbol of our journey. We are the rebels of the past... We are the rebels of present... We are the rebels of the future... We are not withered and wasted... We are warriors... We are proud... We are perennial... We will not grow old gracefully... We are not mad... We are free... Age will not define us... This is me. This series embraces freedom of form, challenging stereotypes of ageless beauty. We celebrate individuality and eccentricities, embracing the little quirks within us all. We create freedom for expression, combining confidence of character with fashion for the future. The perennial kooks is an ode to the child within us, who just wants let loose and live life free...

Photo: @zuzu.valla

Stylist & text & MUA & Hair: @suzannamakeupps

Model: @alexB244

Fashion: Two Point Two / @twopointtwostudio

Model: @sanna.kelly

Model: @kamaylau

Model: @x.bxckiii


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