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Who Are Am You I


Who Are Am You I is a series of over 60 self-portraits exploring an intimate representation of the human body and its existence under the terms of a non-binary nature. The series uses fashion tools of both digital and physical distortion to provoke the viewer and suggest the plurality of the self, the fluidity between masculine and feminine, the shifting definition of reality and its elusive importance in an always more digitalised era.

By challenging universal truths, the main ambition of Who Are Am You I is that to encourage the normalisation of new contemporary definitions of the self, such as the non- binary identification, in which we move fluidly and freely from a form to another. The series embraces the alteration of the human body as a call for complete freedom of expression - inspired by the techniques of padding used by drag queens or any other digital form of body alteration - to contrast any imposition from a society who tends to dictate, label, simplify our fluid nature of being. For this reason, the alterations are obvious and visible.

Who Are Am You I denounces the millennial Western tendency to simplify the human nature in universal terms in order to reduce chaos and empower privileged majorities. The power translates very easily into violence, psychological and physical, from a society that wants people to be one thing or another. The same society I aim to address with my art, aiming to anybody who struggles to understand or accept takes of position such as non- binarism and gender fluidity, for example. Because, I believe, what threatens the most about these terms is in fact the impossibility for people to define exactly who you are. Therefore, identifying as non- binary seems to come across as a great, alarming way to own personal power and freedom, since one can set and define their own rules and privacy. Although people can argue that there is no such thing as freedom in society, non-binarism and fluidity seem to suggest and ask for a great deal of liberty instead.

Photography and Creative Direction by Federico Di Mambro

Location Assistant: James Stevens

Designers: Messore Maria Grazia, Federico Di Mambro.

Model: Federico Di Mambro

ABOUT ME: My name is Federico Di Mambro, an Italian non-binary fashion photographer based in London. Here I completed my studies in Film Production and a Master's in Fashion Photography. As a mix of both subjects, my practice mainly revolves around cinematic self-portrait photography, in which I study the human body and subconscious in relation to gender identity and society, often using elements of physical and digital distortion to challenge the objectivity of reality. Most of my studies are triggered by the contrasting different worlds I live in: the most religious and conservative little hometown in central Italy versus the futuristic avangarde city of London.

Thank you very much for your time,

Federico Di Mambro

Fashion Photographer

T: +44 (0) 7497360828


Model & Cr Dir & Photo & Retoucher & Stylist & Fashion: @federico_di_mambro

Fashion: Messore Maria Grazia

Assistant: @jamess19

Via @officialkavyar

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