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10 liters of vodka


Vodka is a part of my grandpa's daily life, but he is not an alcoholic at all. My grandfather knows the amount and manner of drinking: necessarily with dishes, no less than 3 cups, because the third cup is God's, even though he is an atheist. If the dose is not enough, one can repeat the cycle and drink 6, 9, maybe more glasses of vodka, depending on the mood and the collective.

My grandfather gets vodka from the fruits he grows in his garden: apples, grapes, etc. Even after learning to use the Internet, he looks at how to make pickled garlic, so that he can certainly provide variety as an appetizer in the evenings of drinking vodka. You can talk to the grandpa about everything: Alexander Dumas, whose volumes he knows by heart, Indian TV series, which are popular in Armenia, and during which he often has pressure fluctuations from excitement, politics, especially political conspiracy theories, and of course drinks: vodka, wine, liquor. During the distilling of vodka, when I was photographing, he warned me not to suddenly shot sugar on the table. "It's a shame, what will people think, if they know?"

While distilling vodka, the youngest son of my grandpa warned that they are suffering, but they will not get even 10 liters of vodka: in reality it turned out to be barely 7 liters.

Grandpa says it's okay, for him it's enough to overcome the season, alone.

Photo: @visualnik_

Via @officialkavyar


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