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Celebrity Worship Syndrome


Born out of an intense celebrity crush, Celebrity Worship Syndrome contains two photos. and a few personal images of the characters. One in which a woman with a Kim Kardashian mask and American flag tights stands in an empty room. The confusing aesthetic being a mixture of coquette and ironic republican reflects Gen Z’s indulgent nature. The second contains a nun sprawled out in front of a computer. There is a sense of submission to the online world. In this case, social media has captivated our attention to the point of addiction. From mindless scrolling to dissecting the hottest craze, everyone is involved in social media. But Gen Z is clearly taking it to the next level. Overall, both photos share the obsessive tendency in online culture and aim for viewers' interpretation.

Photo: @emmilymadeline

Artist: @silverstuddedsabretoothdream

Via @officialkavyar


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