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Fading Light


In the shadows of need, addiction lingers—a silent specter,

A constant companion, a merciless captor.

It envelops, a weighty shroud, sealing the world outside,

In its clasp, reality wanes, as hope takes its hide.

A solemn solace, yet a damning embrace,

A descent into depths, an obscured face.

Lost in the whirlpool, estranged from the light,

A solitary voyage in the endless night.

Each moment slips, like sand through clutching hands,

A silent scream in a desolate expanse.

It muffles the cries, drowns every plea,

The silent struggles of a soul adrift at sea.

Cr Dir & Photo & Retoucher & Access: @roefsdaisy

Creative Director / Stylist: @joyce_denouden

Model: @sinnewerberte

Model: @alliciafischer

MUA: @sara.exe

Via @officialkavyar


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