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La Rue de L’espoir


La Rue de L’espoir” is inspired by the Charles Baudelaire manuscript: Les Fleur du Mal. The intention is to recreate a Parisian Decadent scenario, La Belle Époque, the Hedonism and the absinthe.

The project is a journey between our intimate spirit and hope. How do we relate ourselves with hope? Like a Pandora’s box, the only thing that is left on our empty human hands is hope. Wishing for the best, in a world that is so dramatic right now. Is a “noir” celebration, the temptation of rules changing, is the drama, the witchcraft, the escapism and the joy, waiting for us at the end of the tunnel.

That “Vital Momentum” when we decide to step out, to revolutionise ourselves and the world all around us, in the name of hope. Amen.

TEAM Credits: Stylist & Creative Director: Carolina Anzalone @carolinanzalone Photographer: Simran Kaur @simran_k_01 Casting Director: Autumn Jensen @autumnjensencasting Makeup Artist: Assia Caiazzo @assia.caiazzo Hair Stylist: Vasso Stathopoulou @vasso_stathopoulou Nail Artist: Salomé De Bahia @debahia_nails Videographer: Marco Lo Presti @marcolop18 TALENTS: Model 1 Manon Rozotte @manonrozotte from @nextmodelsmilan Model 2 Romane Stafiniak @romanestafiniak from @aj_mgmt


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