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Paper Gallery will display a collaboration between a variety of artistic mediums to bring you the best in both art, photography, and design. We intend to bring to print the diverse encounters with both personal narratives and cultural backgrounds that define the art museum experience. Each work of art is a different artist’s story, and you can now access these stories from the comfort of your reading nook.


 Paper Gallery is bound with an elastic band, allowing the reader to remove these individual pages to be framed.


All proceeds from this project will be donated to the Detroit Historical Society and the Eastside Community Network with the hopes of inspiring more to learn about and connect with the city’s rich cultural community.



Our goal with this project is to spark interest and cultivate knowledge by bringing the art museum experience to the reader, captured through the photographic medium and packaged in the form of a magazine. For this publication, we have selected artists which we believe represent the best of each of the included categories: Applied Arts, Impressionism, Contemporary art, Fine Art, Bauhaus, Architecture, Collage, Pride, Renaissance, Civil Rights, Abstract Art, Environmental Justice, Surrealism, Architecture, and Pop Art.


Paper Gallery


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